• The Australian Government has introduced a new visa scheme to encourage foreign investment into Australia – the Significant Investor Visa Scheme (“Visa”).
  • The Visa offers the freedom to work in and travel to and from Australia without limitation.
  • The Visa will have an initial term of 4 years with two possible extensions of 2 years each.
  • Immediate family/dependent relatives will also have full work and study rights.
  • The temporary visa is a pathway to permanent residency, as the Visa-holder will be eligible to apply for permanent resident status after 4 years.

The Apac SIV Real Estate Fund has been specifically designed for SIV investors to meet the following objectives:

Comply with SIV investment requirements  – The Fund is offered by Apac, an ASIC licensed manager, and invests in asset classes which comply with the SIV investment requirements.

Flexibility – The Fund enables investors to select their own Australian real estate to invest into or Apac can assist in selecting the right real estate asset.

Control – The Fund enables investors to invest in Australian real estate they have chosen.

How to apply

You may wish to utilise the services of a registered Australian migration agent.

Apac can offer an end to end Significant Investor Visa service through its preferred migration service partners in providing local expert migration services in your country of origin.

Apac’s preferred partners can also assist you and your family in providing the following services:

  • Re-location services
  • Concierge services
  • Financial planning and wealth management advice
  • Taxation, accounting and investment structuring advice
  • Insurance advice (including health insurance)
  • Australian legal services
  • Buyer advocacy services for new home purchase or property investment purposes

Lodging an application for the Australian Government’s SIV program involves a number of steps including submitting an Expression of Interest form and applying for a state nomination.

Once these steps are completed, applying for an investment in the Fund is simple.

Request a declaration in relation to managed funds (Form 1413) from Apac and complete and submit an application form for the Fund. These forms are available by contacting us.

Should you wish to find out more about how Apac can assist in providing a suitable investment solution please contact us.

The Apac SIV Real Estate Fund - Key features

  • Apac can maintain a Significant Investor Visa (SIV) complying managed fund specifically for individual SIV applicants and their family.
  • Ability to select your own Australian real estate investment.
  • Complies with SIV investment requirements.
  • Generally able to be setup in 10 days.
  • Customised property investment portfolio.
  • Can direct invest in real estate including:
    • residential apartment(s)
    • house
    • commercial buildings
    • shopping centres.
    • real estate development projects.
  • Able to syndicate a sub-fund with other investors (e.g. friends, relatives & business partners) so that property investment can be held by many.

How it works

Real Estate Fund Flowchart

  • Apac will acquire on behalf of the SIV applicant an Australian real estate investment or investments of their choice as directed by the SIV applicant. Real estate can be purchased in any area within Australia.
  • Apac’s structure provides the SIV applicant with flexibility and a greater level of control.
  • Assets held by an independent custodian, ensuring that monies and investment are securely held on behalf of investors.
  • Investor has absolute beneficial entitlement to the assets in their fund. An investor does not have any interest in any assets or amount forming part of any other investor’s sub-fund.
  • A Cash Management Account investment is maintained by investor, used to pay for items such as management fees, costs and expenses associated with the investor’s investments.



  • Ability to borrow (gear) through the managed fund structure against any real estate investment to enhance returns.
  • Income can be paid to investors quarterly via direct debit into their own bank account.
  • Tax statements are provided to investors annually.
  • Additional asset management and property services are also available (e.g. leasing, property management, valuations, development project management).
  • Investors issued with their own personalised information memorandum which will set out how the sub-fund will operate and how Apac will manage and maintain the fund.

More information

Should you wish to find out more about how Apac can assist in providing a suitable investment solution please contact us.