The Australian Government has introduced a new visa scheme to encourage foreign investment into Australia – the Significant Investor Visa Scheme (“Visa”).

  • The Visa offers the freedom to work in and travel to and from Australia without limitation.
  • The Visa will have an initial term of 4 years with two possible extensions of 2 years each. Immediate family/dependent relatives will also have full work and study rights.
  • The temporary visa is a pathway to permanent residency, as the Visa-holder will be eligible to apply for permanent resident status after 4 years.

The Apac SIV Secured Income Fund – Fixed Term Deposits has been specifically designed for SIV investors to meet the following objectives

  • Comply with SIV investment requirements – The Fund is offered by an ASIC licensed manager and invests in assets which comply with the SIV investment requirements.
  • Provide capital stability  The Fund provides for investment in fixed term deposits.
  • Stable investment returns a set rate of return for the term of investment
  • Competitive rates of return Aims to deliver returns greater than at call cash investments and government bonds

Term deposits suit investors with a more conservative investment requirement, seeking stable investment returns and certainty of income.

Accessing fixed term deposits

Through the Fund’s Select Option, investors can invest in fixed term deposits available through the Apac Secured Income Fund.

Term deposits are generally invested in bank deposits, bank bills and other short term securities. Investors lock in an interest rate for the term of the investment, which is often higher than normal bank deposits.

Usually the longer the term the higher the interest rate paid.

Term deposits are at the low end of the investment volatility scale. Over both short‑term and long-term periods, the likelihood of losing your money or not receiving the interest on your investment is very low. Term deposits are issued by banks and credit unions, which are regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

Current indicative rates available

The following is a selection of current fixed term deposit rates currently available.


TD rates 20141031

Features & benefits

  • Security – Deposits are invested with financial institutions regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority.
  • Skills and experience – Access to Apac’s cash management investment expertise.
  • Reporting– Regular investment statements and an annual tax statement to keep you up-to-date on your investment.
  • Control – Investors can self-select their own fixed term deposit or can authorise us to do this.
  • Term certainty – Fixed term agreed at the start of an investment.
  • Regular fixed income – Typically paid monthly or quarterly.
  • Choice– Exposure to a broad range of term deposits available.

How to apply

You may wish to utilise the services of a registered Australian migration agent.

Apac can offer an end to end Significant Investor Visa service through its preferred migration service partners in providing local expert migration services in your country of origin.

Apac’s preferred partners can also assist you and your family in providing the following services:

  • Re-location services
  • Concierge services
  • Financial planning and wealth management advice
  • Taxation, accounting and investment structuring advice
  • Insurance advice (including health insurance)
  • Australian legal services
  • Buyer advocacy services for new home purchase or property investment purposes

Lodging an application for the Australian Government’s SIV program involves a number of steps including submitting an Expression of Interest form and applying for a state nomination.

Once these steps are completed, applying for an investment in the Fund is simple.

Request a declaration in relation to managed funds (Form 1413) from Apac and complete and submit an application form for the Fund. These forms are available by contacting us.