Choice of loan types and risk profile

Investors can choose which loans or loans they wish to invest in. Alternatively, investors have the option to hold their funds in our cash account, until a suitable loan is available for investment.

Investor have the option to choose between 1st and 2nd mortgage loans, as well as construction and development loans, depending on their risk and return appetite.

On maturity of an investment, funds can be held in an investor’s cash account, or  investors can authorise us to re-invest their funds into another loan automatically.

Minimum investment amount

The minimum initial investment amount required is $250,000. There is no minimum requirement for additional investments.

Suggested Investment Period

The Fund is suitable for investors with an investment horizon of typically between six months and five years. Each investment offered will have varying investment periods, which investors should consider.

Indicative Risk Level and Investor suitability

Whilst no investment is risk free, each investment’s risk of loss should be commensurate with the level of investment return. Investors should consider the likely investment return and risk of the Fund and each investment offered and their own investment time frame when deciding whether to invest.