Apac specialises in providing flexible commercial lending and financing facilities.

Our commercial lending products range from lower interest rate investment loans through to more highly leveraged facilities for commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties. These loans are funded through our funding vehicles and our network of private investors.

Apac offers loans from $1m up to $50m.

1st mortgage lending

Apac can provide for the more traditional commercial lending requirements, including loans which larger lenders and banks may see as non-conforming loans.

Every commercial property deal is different and a wide variety of factors affect the pricing and structure of every deal. These range from property location through to percentage borrowed and the type of asset involved.

Construction lending

Apac actively seeks on behalf of its investors and funding sources lending for a vast array of commercial, industrial, retail, residential and specialised projects.

Apac’s loan facilities cover all facets of construction funding. From the traditional percentage of cost funding to highly leveraged structured finance loans and equity placements.

The range of products available includes:

  • Land-bank finance with interest capitalised or paid monthly.
  • Site acquisition against valuations uplifted by rezoning/planning approvals.
  • Progressively drawn construction finance
  • Interest can be capitalised during construction and sell down period.
  • Finance solutions to increase gearing or release equity.

Mezzanine finance/2nd  mortgage lending

Apac can provide mezzanine and structured debt funding for existing properties, new property acquisition, as well as for construction and development opportunities.

Facilities can be for straight mezzanine finance, through to hybrid arrangements such as preferred equity arrangements.

Further information & how to apply

If you would like to discuss your lending requirements please contact us.