Current investment opportunities

Apac currently has available the following investment opportunities.

Apac Secured Income Fund. Providing consistent income returns with capital stability.

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Australian Significant Investor Visa complying fund.

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Our approach

We recognise that not all clients have the same investment requirements. Our approach is a flexible one, where we work with our clients to provide tailor-made investment opportunities.

Apac’s unique experience in both property and capital markets enables us to effectively manage both the investment and capital and debt aspects of any transaction.

The Apac team’s experience includes:

  • Business management.
  • Property investment.
  • Investment finance.
  • Funds management.
  • Risk management and compliance.
  • Taxation & stamp duty.
  • Research and due diligence.
  • Marketing & distribution.

What we offer our investment clients

  • We listen and deliver on suitable investment opportunities.
  • Our products and services are flexible, adaptable, and can be customised to meet specific and changing needs.
  • We can offer tailor-made investment solutions or “off the shelf” investment opportunities.
  • We offer our clients input into the investment decisions that impact them.
  • Transparent and more detailed than traditional fund managers so our clients have a real understanding of their investment position.
  • We take a fair value approach to our fee structure with our clients.
  • We seek to align our remuneration based on investment and performance outcomes with a heavy weighting towards a share of performance over a pre-determined hurdle rate or objective…our aim is not to accumulate funds under management, but rather to maximise investor return outcomes within the parameters of a client’s risk tolerance.

We strive to provide exceptional outcomes to clients and investors.